Medical Boarding

Heading out on vacation and can’t bring your furry family member? Don’t worry! Relax and know that your pet is safe and having their own vacation here with our Downey Animal Hospital staff!

We have runs with heated floors for your dogs and your kitty will have lots of love and attention from our staff. You can be confident that any health issues will be addressed immediately and medications (should your pet require them) will be professionally administered. Overnight, our veterinarians can check on your pet through a video feed and are minutes away if needed. We love having pets here to keep us company!

We have specialized training in handling diabetic cats for long term boarding.

Please fill out our online Medical Boarding Form before your pet’s visit.

Medical Boarding Form


Worried about your medically fragile dog while you’re away? Our hospital runs are equipped with heated flooring so they are comfortable all year around. Our staff members love to take the dogs out for walks during the day and our vet can check in on them any time during the night either in person or via camera. Know that your pet is always safe with us and if medications are needed, they will be professionally administered. Don’t worry while you’re away, your pet is safe with us.


Making sure your cat is comfortable and safe while you’re away can be a worry. Rest assured, at Downey, safety is our top priority.  Comfort? right behind it! Your furry friend can be found out front with reception or in the clinic area and are often played with and pampered by staff and volunteers. If they aren’t the cuddly type, that’s okay too. We always respect how your animals are feeling and work with them to make boarding a stress free experience. Is Diabetes a problem for your cat? We have specialised training when working with diabetic animal’s and always adhere to their schedule.