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Emergency Care


For our clients, we provide emergency service. In case of an emergency after hours, call the office at 519-265-8387. Should there be no one in the office to pick up your call, follow the instructions on the answering machine. You may be instructed to call a cell phone, and your message will be returned as soon as possible, or, you may be referred to OVC emergency Clinic in Guelph. Please be aware that should you require services outside normal office hours, all emergencies will be charged an emergency fee and payment must be made by cash, Visa, Master Card, American Express, or Debit at the time of service.

In Case of Emergency: What to Expect When You Call Us

The information we collect from your pet is vital from the moment you call us at Downey Animal Hospital. These are some of the questions you can expect our staff to ask:

  • Is your pet breathing?
  • Is he/she conscious?
  • Is your pet actively bleeding? If so, from where on their body
  • Are they able to move?
  • Are there any open wounds or visible broken bones?
  • When did the incident happen?
  • Is your pet vomiting or do they have diarrhea
  • Is there swelling? If so, where is the swelling and how fast is it swelling​

If your pet is injured, they should be approached with caution. Dogs may bite in response of pain and fear. Cats should be covered with a blanket before handling them.

Large dogs can be transported on a flat firm surface such as plywood or board, or on a towel as a hammock. Cats, rabbits, small rodents, reptiles and birds should be contained in a sturdy box or carrier. If there is a possibility of a spinal cord injury, pets should be handled very minimally to avoid excess movement and transported on a flat surface, laying on their side.

NOTE: Every emergency case is different and may need further special instructions. Please call us before performing these recommendations so we may accommodate your pet’s particular situation. A physical examination and consultation by the veterinarian will help your pet get the treatment they need as soon as possible.