Sara is our Certified Groomer who works Tuesday’s and Thursday’s to take care of any grooming needs you might have. She grooms all pets big and small and helps them look great all year long. Sara has been grooming since 2009 and strives to make each pet unique and beautiful. Call us today to book your next grooming appointment.


All dogs big and small, double or wiry coated can be groomed. A simple bath and brush out is an option too!  Sara is experienced in all breed styles and cuts but is more than willing to make your pet look exactly the way you like. From trimming ears to cutting nails, be assured that your pet will leave here looking spectacular! Sara believes in a stress free groom and is always patience if your furry friend is a little nervous. Sedation with medical supervision is an option as well.  Sara does a full skin and coat exam during the bath and brush and will be sure to tell you of any concerns she might find. Give us a call today to book your pup in for the full “spa” treatment!


No cat likes to be dirty! If your cat sheds too much or is having trouble grooming itself, Sara has you covered. She does lion cuts and dinosaur cuts that help with shedding but can also do just a basic bath and brush out too. If your fuzzy friend has trouble at the groomers we have a solution! For an extra charge we offer sedation to provide a completely stress free experience. While sedated one of our professional veterinary technician’s is always monitoring and making sure your pet is safe.  We want you and your cat to feel as comfortable as possible while with us.